What is EMDR Therapy?

Eye Movement decrease associate degreed Reprocessing (EMDR) medical aid is an interactive psychotherapy technique wont to relieve psychological stress. it’s a good treatment for trauma and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

During EMDR medical aid sessions, you live traumatic or triggering experiences briefly doses whereas the expert directs your eye movements.

EMDR is assumed to be effective as a result of recalling distressing events is commonly less showing emotion disconcerting once your attention is amused. this permits you to be exposed to the reminiscences or thoughts while not having a robust psychological response.

Over time, this system is believed to minimize the impact that the reminiscences or thoughts wear you.

What square measure the advantages of EMDR therapy?

People United Nations agency square measure coping with traumatic reminiscences and people who have posttraumatic stress disorder square measure thought to learn the foremost from EMDR medical aid.

It’s thought to be notably effective for those that struggle to speak concerning their past experiences.

Although there’s not adequate analysis to prove its effectiveness in these areas, EMDR medical aid is additionally being employed to treat:



panic attacks

eating disorders


How will EMDR therapy work?

EMDR medical aid is dampened into eight completely different phases, thus you’ll ought to attend multiple sessions. Treatment typically takes concerning twelve separate sessions.

Phase 1: History and treatment coming up with

Your expert can initial review your history and judge wherever you’re within the treatment method. This analysis part additionally includes talking concerning your trauma and distinguishing potential traumatic reminiscences to treat specifically.

Phase 2: Preparation

Your expert can then assist you learn many alternative ways to address the emotional or psychological stress you’re experiencing.

Stress management techniques like deep respiration and attentiveness is also used.

Phase 3: Assessment

During the third part of EMDR treatment, your expert can establish the precise reminiscences which will be targeted and every one the associated parts (such because the physical sensations that square measure stirred after you focus on associate degree event) for every target memory.

Phases 4-7: Treatment

Your expert can then begin mistreatment EMDR medical aid techniques to treat your targeted reminiscences. throughout these sessions, you’ll be asked to concentrate on a negative thought, memory, or image.

Your expert can at the same time have you ever do specific eye movements. The bilateral stimulation may additionally embrace faucets or different movements mixed in, reckoning on your case.

After the bilateral stimulation, your expert can raise you to let your mind go blank and see the thoughts and feelings you’re having ad libitum. when you establish these thoughts, your expert might have you ever refocus thereon traumatic memory, or progress to a different.

If you become distressed, your expert can facilitate bring you back to this before moving on to a different traumatic memory. Over time, the distress over specific thoughts, images, or reminiscences ought to begin to fade.

Phase 8: analysis

In the final part, you’ll be asked to gauge your progress when these sessions. Your expert can do identical.

How effective is EMDR therapy?

Multiple freelance and controlled studies have shown that EMDR medical aid is a good treatment for posttraumatic stress disorder. It’s even one among the Department of Veterans Affairs’ powerfully suggested choices to treat posttraumatic stress disorder.

A 2012 study of twenty-two folks found that EMDR medical aid helped 77 percentage of the people with psychotic disorder and posttraumatic stress disorder. It found that their hallucinations, delusions, anxiety, and depression symptoms were considerably improved when treatment. The study additionally found that symptoms weren’t exacerbated throughout treatment.

An older study that compared EMDR medical aid to typical prolonged desensitization procedure, found that EMDR medical aid was simpler in treating symptoms. The study additionally found that EMDR medical aid had a lower dropout rate from participants. Both, however, offered a discount within the symptoms of traumatic stress, together with each anxiety and depression.

Several tiny studies have additionally found proof that EMDR medical aid isn’t solely effective within the short term, however that its effects is maintained long run. One 2004 study evaluated folks many months when they got either “standard care” (SC) treatment for posttraumatic stress disorder or EMDR medical aid.

During and at once when treatment, they noticed that EMDR was considerably additional economical in reducing symptoms of posttraumatic stress disorder. throughout the three- and six-month follow-ups, they additionally recognized that participants maintained these edges long when the treatment had concluded. Overall, the study found that EMDR medical aid gave folks a longer-lasting reduction in symptoms than SC.

In relevance depression, one study conducted in associate degree inmate setting found that EMDR medical aid shows promise in treating the disorder. The study found that 68 percentage of the folks within the EMDR cluster showed full remission when treatment. The EMDR cluster additionally showed a stronger decrease in depressive symptoms overall. owing to the tiny sample size, additional analysis is required.