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6 Tips That Will Help You Get your Dream Body This Summer

We will give you 6 effective tips with which you can lose extra pounds quickly – without starving and without the yo-yo effect.

Tip 1: drink enough water

According to the German Nutrition Society (DGE), adults should drink at least 1.5 liters of water a day. But why is water drinking so important for losing weight? Well, on the one hand, according to a study, the energy metabolism is temporarily stimulated by water, and you, therefore, consume more calories. On the other hand, many people eat because they think they are hungry – when in fact they are thirsty. Therefore, having a glass of water before you eat can prevent you from eating more. Orange slices or mint can provide variety and taste in the water.

Tip 2: pay attention to body signals

In addition, chew each bite thoroughly and only swallow when a food pulp has formed. Bad chewing promotes an unhealthy bacterial environment in the intestine. It makes the intestinal mucosa more permeable, promotes food intolerance and even autoimmune diseases, as nutrition doc and weight loss expert Anne Fleck writes in her new book “Energy! The healthy way out of the tiredness labyrinth”. Those who chew thoroughly are therefore doing something good for their health.

Lastly, you should always stop eating when you are full. It helps to stop eating when you feel 80 percent full. Why? Because it takes the brain 20 minutes to register that enough food has been consumed. This is why it is so important to eat slowly and consciously when losing weight.

Tip 3: get enough sleep

The body usually needs seven to eight hours of sleep to be fit and rested. According to studies, those who constantly sleep too little not only risk numerous diseases such as high blood pressure, diabetes or depression, but also have an increased risk of being overweight. This is because the appetite hormone ghrelin and the stress hormone cortisol are released too much.

In addition, the satiety hormone leptin is only insufficiently produced. This makes it difficult to stop eating in time and leads to (unhealthy) snacks between meals. If general tips do not help (e.g. always going to bed at the same time), you should consult a doctor to get the sleep problem under control.

Tip 4: healthy eating

Without proper nutrition, in most cases there will be nothing to lose weight. Therefore, you should absolutely observe the following rules: Eat high-fiber foods with lots of vegetables and whole grain products. Avoid sweets, ready meals, fast food and fatty sausage products. Instead, give preference to good oils such as olive or linseed oil and high-quality protein, such as those found in fish, lean poultry, and dairy products.

Also, reduce the amount of carbohydrates in your diet, especially white flour and sugar. You can find more tips for a healthy diet and lots of delicious recipes to try out, for example, in the book “Eat better: Simply cook healthily” by nutritionist Dr. Matthias Riedl and Tarik Rose.

Tip 5: exercise and sport

It is well known that more exercise does not hurt. But somehow the weaker self often gets in the way. A Swedish study has shown that regular exercise has a positive effect on the cardiovascular system, abdominal fat, high blood pressure, blood lipid levels and blood sugar processing.

So that you do not lose your motivation and motivation while exercising, you should choose a sport that gives you pleasure. Not everyone loves to jog, and that’s perfectly okay. Maybe you prefer home workouts? Or do you enjoy cycling? Some people like ball sports like tennis or soccer. Regardless of what you decide to do, sport should by no means just become a tiresome obligation, because then you will quickly lose motivation again.

Also, you shouldn’t do too much at once. Those who have been more of a couch potato up to now prefer to start with two to three sports units per week for 20 to 30 minutes each. Staying on the ball in the long term is crucial.

Tip: If you would like to exercise at home, you should not do without a suitable exercise mat and fitness bands. You can find good home workouts on YouTube, for example on the channel of fitness influencer Pamela Reif.

Tip 6: reduce stress

Especially in times of pandemics, many people are concerned about their health or their jobs. The leisure activities are extremely limited. In addition to private problems such as relationship stress, this can greatly increase the stress level in the body. Many doctors consider chronic stress to be a contributory cause of numerous diseases – including autoimmune diseases and cancer. It also promotes food cravings and thus weight gain.

Mental strategies for coping with stress will help. There are now numerous self-help books, podcasts and videos in which everyday problems are analyzed. Just dealing with the problem helps to take the pressure off the situation.

Also, confide in family members or friends. You will receive helpful advice and support in many cases. Many people also benefit from yoga and relaxation exercises. You can find great strategies for coping with stress, for example, in the book “Calmness in Person: Reduce Stress, Overcome Fears and Get Rid of Negative Thoughts” by the psychologist Anastasia Schwarz.